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    Question How exactly>>>Image map controls drop down menu

    Can some body help me with this. I need the code for it but I'm not sure if I need Javascript/DHTML or some form of CSS. How exactly do I get the following:

    This is for a realestate site search function. I have a gif image of a map of a city on a page next to a drop down select box. The select box has 5 options that should correspond to links (hot spots) on the image map.

    I want the client to be able to click on a county on a image of a map of a city, and whatever county the user clicks will become selected in a drop down menu on the same page. So for example if I click on Kings County on the Map, the drop down box will have Kings County selected.

    Unfortunatley I can't use any solutions that require PHP or VBscript. A Javascript /DHTML is preferable PLEAZE!

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    CSS is used to style pages, not script them.

    Yes, you can use JavaScript to do this. Please provide a link to the page in question.
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