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    Rollover help...

    Hi there folks,

    I was wondering if anyone might be able to answer a question for it possible to have nested rollovers in Dreamweaver? For example, if I was to make an image so that when someone moved their mouse over it, it created a rollover, on the image that appeared because of the rollover would I be able to create onmouseover behaviours on it? What I was wondering if I am able to do is to make a navigation bar appear when I either move over the place where it will show up (it will look like a blank space, but actually be an image of the same color as the background), or if I move over an image right next to it that will say Menu> or something like that to have the various buttons still have Up, Down and Over behaviours even though it is a idea if that makes sense, and I apologize for the run-on sentence!

    If anyone understands my gibberish, and might be able to offer some kind of advice or expertise, please let me know!



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    yeah, I think you can. You would have to do it with DIVs. Create an absolutely positioned DIV that is visibility:hidden that becomes visible onMouseOver. Within the hidden layer, place other rollovers. If you are using Dreamweaver, this is easy. I'd have to see an example of your site to be more specific, but Use a DIV within a DIV.

    Aaron Brazell


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