Has anyone installed MacSSH I can get it to use Telnet but I can't seem to get it to SSH. I'm on a remote Linux BTW.

I went to Linux.com and went through an article about starting the SSH Server plus installation. I'm working towards being the Admin for my Linux. The article went through the tar install and then got to the /etc/host.allow and /etc/host.deny files. It suggested two line additions. I telneted in and took a looksy and saw /etc/host.allow and /etc/host.deny they did not have the lines the author of the article suggested. So I FTP them to my client and added the lines but when I went to upload i was denied permission. I have since installed MacSSH and initialized and exported the keys. I also uploaded via Telnet. I thought I had followed the instructions to the letter, but for some reason I get an "error 61"

I have tried every Telnet program that has ssh and one connected and spit out some ssh but it was short lived and now the canundrum?????