We want to get to know you. As such I would like to recommend that everyone review your public profile and make sure it is up to date.

Not only can we get to know more about you from your profile but starting today we can see you as well.

Starting now you can include your own profile photo. This can be picture of yourself or a screenshot of your website. All the community guidelines apply i.e. no pornography or hatred or other illegal matter.

The image should scale well to 150 X 170 as these dimensions will be hardcoded for your image. Also it will need to be stored on your server space for the time being. Since it will be stored remotely this does mean you can use a webcam URL for your photo. Just make sure it is appropriate .

Properly done, your profile tells us a lot about you and your business. It can also tell potential clients about your business as well.

Can't wait to see you all. Simply edit your profile by going to:

You can see mine by going to: