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    Ikonboards Community

    About Ikonboard

    Ikonboard is a free bulletin board that people can download for use on their site.

    You have to be registered to post in all the forums, although we do have a 'test' forum for guests, and/or members to report log in problems.

    Our Community is fairly diverse, initially our boards are for support, but the 'general chit chat' forums are the busiest. Our community has developed quite quickly since it's inception 7 months ago. We have around 7,000 members, about 500 are active daily, about 150 are bordering on addiction . An average night can see about 180 - 220 people online, posting about 70 - 100 new topics a night / with about 500 new posts.

    We run with a fairly relaxed moderation style. We feel that it's better to use a pro-active moderation style rather than merely respond to a situation. Our moderators monitor popular topics and contact offending members by email if they need to. We NEVER start one on one discussions in public. We have had cause in the past to step in when members get personal with each other.

    We also believe in welcoming 'Newbies' to the boards, it makes them feel less akward and more likely to return if they feel welcomed.

    About 85% of our community is friendly and helpful, about 10% lurk and the last 5% are in our ban lists.

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    Matt forgot to mention that he rocks and has single-handedly created the best bulletin board system in the world.

    (Dedicated Ikonboard user, check my signature!)

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    Perhaps matt could share some of his own wisdom with us. I would love to hear more about the history (7 months is a long time) of the Ikonboard community.

    For example, here are some questions that I can think of.

    What structures do you have in place in terms of staff?

    What are the technical requirements of a board that size?

    What mistakes have you made, and in what ways has the administration of the forums been influenced by experiences such as those?

    What are the key incentives that are placed upon the moderators, and upon the membership by the moderators, to give to the community? What makes them (members and moderators) want to help out? It seems to be that there is a threshold and once you go past that threshold, members will stay in the forums and want to give back to the forums. How would you define that?

    I hope these questions are reasonable. I have very little experience, but I am very eager to learn everything that I can.



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