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While I can't really conjure up rational arguments, I'm still not keen on changing the signature of IHandler->execute(). Regarding you latest post, I think the LogManager may be overkill. Why would we need multiple logs ?
Me neither, which is why I thought Request/Response contexts would make sense. LogManager is there because I thought having a situation where you'll need to pass messages of two distinct types isn't too far fetched.
If we are going to pass all sort of stuff (such as $_FILES, $_SERVER and LogManager) around, I'd prefer a single ServiceLocator (Context) rather than split it into two. For example, the Loggers are output to some scripts, but input to others, which makes them odd to put in the right spot.
After a few days, I'm agreeing with you. As for my own version, I'm converting to a single Context after all.
Maybe we could give it a rest and bring it back up in a while?

I'd be much more interested in peeking into a form-factory class as the one tharos was calling for. For a start, I suppose that we could just extend the FormController class ?
Certainly. We should be moving on already. Did this episode drain all our participants?