hey guys. for wvmimaging.com my client decided that because much of his business is conducted on elderly folks, they might not be able to read size 2 font on the web. as a result, he asked if there is a way to make the text larger. now, it's insane to have size 3 font on a web page (especially for smaller resolution screens) so i decided to add a little feature on each page. it would be a dropdown menu with 2 choices- normal text and large text. when the user selects large text (normal is default) the entire page's text will reformat to a larger size.
the way i plan on doing this is by changing the external style sheet that the page is pointed to. im sure it can be done, but i dont know how.
moreover, there should be a way to remember which option the user chose so that every linked page or future page will have the same setting (the menu will still be there though). maybe using a cookie or some javascript that uses the menu name.

can anyone help? please?