I have long seen the point of CSS, but it's for reasons such as the following that I have avoided them until I started redesigning this site. Temporarily, the link is http://www.livingpages.net/anc. The front page is not yet done. Tomorrow I will add some hidden layers and DIVs (if I can figure them out). and it will end up looking good. The menu on top works for navigation so you can see what I am referring to.

Throughout the site, when there are links, they are #CCCCCC (lt. grey). Now the reason for this is because of the menus on top. When those menu (javascript) are any other color, then it ends up being too dark, or whatever, so I want to keep those menu items that color. I tried to create a class for these, but I can't seem to implement them, so I reversed the process and tried to use those classes on links in the main part of the HTML...it was supposedly easier. However, the links in the HTML don't seem to want to change away from the standard "link" tags. Could someone help me on this. If you need to download the CSS sheet to look at it is at http://www.livingpages.net/anc.css


PS. Any other tips you have are good, but keep in mind this is a prototype site still. :-)