I'm currently attempting to run log analysis reports on a website written in asp. The problem I'm encountering is that a lot of the pages are held in what seems a single directory & page, but are then given different contentIds.

I have no experience of asp, so please forgive me if I make no sense!?

In webtrends (the log analysis software) it only seems to find the original directory and page - but then offers no further analysis of any pages with contentIDs.

Does anyone have any ideas how to help with this situation? I've used all sorts of filters, etc, but to no avail.

The actual URL of the page views something like this:

but then in the logfile it is shown with a space inbetween (like below)- so i'm not sure how to get these linked together?

/V2004/showContent.asp contentId=4318
Any help would be greatly appreciated.