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    Help me iron out a few small issues between IE & FF?


    I was hoping some of you gents could help me out with a few problems I've got in my design. I've tried with no avail to fix these problems.

    The site is mostly done in HTML, using a fair amount of CSS. Really, I should have learnt CSS better and used that, but I stuck to what I new. One day I'll get round to changing it!


    This shows the differences I am finding in IE and Firefox. In Firefox this displays no problem, but there are two issues in IE:

    1. On the left bar under the "Hot 10" image, the background stops. I would like this to continue to the bottom of the page like how it renders in FF.

    2. The header (image/album/artist/ratings etc) is inconsistently spaced. I would like this, again, to render like it does in FF, where the ratings box is in line with the boxes showing the contributor and other related content.

    Any other discrepancies or criticisms are welcome!

    Appreciate any help


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    issues between IE & FF?

    Im not too familiar with cfml, so I don't know what's from that and how much you can do about it. I noticed several things. The page is definately old-school layout. Using tables and nbsp's to postion things can get very messy. In IE, a js file calls an end poverty image that pushes some of your content over. That may complicate things but I think the background image problem can be fixed with further scrutiny.

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    Hi -
    The bkgnd. extended all the way [IE 6] for me, but the ratings were off to the left. Why is that the only div w/ position:relative? Not sure if that could be the case, but more importantly are the many coding errors. Run it through the validator, fix all that you care to, then see if that affects the layout.

    What really confused me was the incorrect <no frames> [shouldn't be a space betw. them] tag which contains the entire layout - as I couldn't see where you had used any frames!?

    Great design, layout, graphics...just needs some code repairs.

    F-Fox 2.0 :: WIN :: el design :: US


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