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Thread: Iframe Question

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    Question Iframe Question

    HI All

    I have a large number of web pages that are dynamic
    but a section in the middle that is the same for everyone
    of the pages, it is a large amount of mixed content, images,text ,css,form elements.

    THese pages are being developed in php

    my question is, if this content is the same and never changes,
    can i put them in another html file and include in an Iframe
    so that they are not processed aspart of the php ( not much of a benefit with cacheing etc) on the server but more importantly cached at the client end so not downloaded and hopefully saved network traffic?
    will this work?
    is there a better way of doing this?
    will there be any benefit?
    I am hoping that when they go from page to page, the clients browser will not need to re download the content for the iframe each time
    THanks in advance

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    I wouldn't use an <iframe>. If you use external stylesheets and unobstusive, external scripts, then there won't be much X/HTML code to send and text doesn't use much bandwidth anyway.

    You could just use a PHP include() and make the included file be a plain ".html", if you don't need it to be parsed by the PHP parser.

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    Iframes are on the way out and are being replaced with the scrolling div. I think there is no reason to use the iframe. The bandwidth saved would be little if its just an html file that is in that iframe.

    I would just use PHP include() or other built in features of PHP such as include_once(), require(), require_once(). I would stay away from the php require() function for one main reason: if the requred file is not found the page will not continue to load.
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