I am working on a project, that is proving to take more time than I had originally estimated, so right now, I need a free cms/blog script, that allows only 2 people to create users, and when the users are made, it makes a section of there own, when they log in, they can add/edit/delete stuff in there section, these users will be fairly illiterate, so we need a nice little WYSIWYG editor for them to use, and also only 3 users will be able to change the content on the main index.php.

So in a nutshell:
2 Superadmins (can change EVERYTHING)
3 People with permission to change the main page (2 of which are the superadmins, 1 is a user I define)
Everyone else, gets there own section to post there own news, information on.

I need this very very quickly.