I've recently setup an apache server on my desktop with PHP, MySQL and PHPmyAdmin and it all works fine.

I also setup Ruby on Rails and it uses its own HTTP server, WEBrick.

1) How do i setup ruby to run as mod_ruby on apache? I've searched forums and google a bit but havn't found anything.

2) Using WEBrick, how do i access xxx.rb files? . If i go to it gives an error because i'm not using the proper Rails framework (or something). For example, with apache i just go to to run a script, how do i do the same w/ ruby?

3) Just a confirmation -- Ruby is more of a language than just for the internet? From my understanding, PHP is a web-based language but Ruby can do more than that? i'm not really clear on this. I looked through my c:/ruby directory and I'm trying to figure out how this all works...

Any comments would be appreciated, i'm really a newbie