hi guys...

I need to have a webform that a user can fill out, and then click "submit" and have the information that was filled out in the form sent via email. Since this code will be run on several different webservers with different configurations, I need this to be processed client-side. The best thing I could do was having the browser open up Outlook's New Email window and fill out the forms and then the user clicks "send" to actually send the email.

I found some javascript code that does this, however, I can't seem to get it to send a carriage return. This is my code:

function doit(go)
	var A=document.input.CLASSIFICATION.value;
	var B=document.input.LastName.value;
CLASSIFICATION and LastName are the names of two forms that gets processed. That code fills in the correct email address, subject, and puts text in the body of the outlook email window, but its not formatted. the data runs together. i need to be able to do carriage returns but I'm not sure how. I've tried placing \r\n at several places and also a few ASCI #13's here and there, but I'm either not putting them in the right place or I don't know how to do it. Can someone please help me?

Or should I use some totally different code for this project? I also read somewhere that I should use mailto in the form, but from what I understand this doesn't work with IE. I need this code to work with both IE and Netscape without hitches. I would do this in PHP but my server requirements say no serverside processing.

I'm very lost.