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    Generating sales through good customer service ...

    Hey all,

    just thought I'd share something with you ...

    Dealing on ebay the other day I purchased a poker set. The poker set was very cheap and came in good quality.

    I sent a mail to the company once I won the auction and asked to get some of the chips changed.

    When the set arrive my request was fulfilled and I was very happy.

    Upon further invesigation I found out that they had also subsituted the $25 chips for $20 chips and had sent a letter with the package with the following:

    Where are your $25 chips?

    Sorry but we ran out of $25 chips and have therefore included $20 chips. We expect to have these back in 1 month and should you like to recieve the $25 chips just email us at

    One month passed and I email them saying that I would like the $25 chips, and was trying to make arrangements to send back my $20 chips.

    Here was the response I recieved ...

    The $25 chips will leave today with Royal Mail. You can keep the $20 chips with our compliments.

    I was very impressed at this to say the least ... not only did they inform me that of why they had subsitued the chips, they also gave me the option to get the original $25.

    HAving being told I can keep the $20 I now feel that I can only recommend this company to all my friends.

    Surely this is a technique all companies could learn from?

    A good example would be when a site runs a promotion for 1 week and some one buys the promotion on the 9th day, 2 days after it expired. Wouldnt it be nice to recieve an email saying ... oh, you missed our promotion by 2 days, but were so nice we'll give it to you at the promotion price.

    Has anyone else seen anything like this?

    Just goes to show how good customer service can increase your sales 10 fold.


    P.S. If anyone want the name of the company (located in Scotland) selling the poker sets on ebay PM me, pure cheap they are too.
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    Very good example. Customer service truely is what gives a company to stand out among their competition.
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