Hi :-)

Ok, I have a form with a button:

<input type="button" name="update" value="Change" onclick="performChecks()">;

if I click on that button it calls the Javascript function performChecks()
which has an if statement that gives alerts and submits the form if true:

if (something == true)

If the JS function works out true and the form is submitted then
the following php code gets executed:

if ($update == "Change")
//...if button clicked does this...
//...by default does this...

The problem is that it doesn't. Everything works fine till I click on the button.
It gives me the alerts correctly but when it's supposed to submit - it doesn't.

I get a blank page.

I checked using an alert within the if ($update == "Change") part if it even gets
there - and it doesn't. I don't know what's going on because I've used this method
before and I've been checking for typos and that sort of thing and can't seem to find any
so I'm at a loss...

Does anyone know why it doesn't enter the if ($update == "Change") part when submitted
when it should?