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    Is cookie secure?

    Hi, I have many question about cookie?

    1. Is cookie that use everyday is secure? Between enable and disble cookie which way is better? and if answer is disalbe Can you tell me How it is unsecure.

    2. In PHP 4.0 that has feature Session which is helpful and popular use in programming. Is cookie need to be use in which case or it can discard? or it not neccessary becase we have session feature. (in hotmail before check-email must enable cookie why not hotmail use session?)

    3. When I disable cookie in my computer and check e-mail at it can detect that I disable cookie and must enable it to view e-mail. How it detect disable cookie? Can you show code?

    4. (copy from zend article) PHP 4 session support the following methods of passing the session ID
    * Cookie(default)
    * GET/POST
    * Autometic URL rewriting
    Which method is most use? Please explain?
    Which method is best in security? Please explain me?
    Thanks everybody.

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    Hotmail is ASP, not PHP, so I don't think they can use sessions (unless ASP has a similar feature), plus most of the time when sessions are used, they are used with cookies.

    All those methods have the same high security level, I believe. I may be mistaken.


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