Just got an e-mail from Fastclick with the following:
(e-mail and phone contact info in the message removed by me.)
Dear Publisher,

Fastclick highly values your partnership and is extremely appreciative of your efforts to refer advertisers and publishers to us.

Referrals are intended to reward those individuals actively bringing us new websites and advertisers, increasing our reach and enabling us to become one of the largest advertising networks in the industry.

With the hope of increasing activity and encouraging ongoing referrals, we are modifying our referral policy to a 12 month rewards program.

If you are a publisher that has a referral with over nine months of activity, you will continue receiving referral fees through the 12 month anniversary of your referral plus three months.

If you are a publisher that has a referral with less than nine months of activity, you will receive referral fees through the 12 month anniversary of your referral.

We thank you for your continuing contributions to our network, and look forward to many more years of mutual success.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your publisher support representative at ********* or ***-***-****.

Thank you,

Kurt Johnson
Chief Executive Officer

Having given Fastclick OVER 20 REFERRALS this does not make me happy at all that they are changing the rules! I helped them make more money and now they are pulling back on the cut they were giving to me. This will have a noticable impact on my checks from them! And gives me less incentive to refer others to FastClick.

Although I do understand this is business. And since going public FastClick's stock (FSTC) has been doing terrible! So I'm sure they figure if they cut out many of the referal payments it will make their bottom line look better for investors.

One of the reasons I stuck with FastClick was because of the nice referal bonus I was getting each month. Without that continual revenue stream for me I've got more incentive to "play the field" with other ad companies.

Bottom line is that Fastclick is being beaten down by competitors like Google. And this might give their bottom line a boost, but it won't be enough. Not to mention the business FastClick might now LOSE because of people leaving to use other networks and having less reason to refer others.