Hi I'm trying to configure a page so I can follow a tutorial. I can't see what I'm doing wrong. I'm running the server on my local machine, I would have thought I just need to change the first two lines in the code block below. My documents are stored in the 'mymarket' folder which is inside my webroot folder, but this code doesnt work I have tried several variations but I cant get it working. Any suggestions???

$CFG->wwwroot = "/localhost/mymarket";
$CFG->dirroot = "/localhost/mymarket";

Code before any changes have been made...

$CFG->wwwroot = "/mymarket";
$CFG->dirroot = "/home/httpd/htdocs/mymarket";
$CFG->templatedir = "$CFG->dirroot/templates";
$CFG->libdir = "$CFG->dirroot/lib";
$CFG->imagedir = "$CFG->wwwroot/images";

$CFG->wordlist = "$CFG->libdir/wordlist.txt";
$CFG->support = "support@mymarket.com";

/* define database error handling behavior, since we are in development stages
* we will turn on all the debugging messages to help us troubleshoot */
$DB_DEBUG = true;
$DB_DIE_ON_FAIL = true;

/* load up standard libraries */

/* setup some global variables */
$ME = qualified_me();

/* start up the sessions, to keep things clean and manageable we will just
* use one array called SESSION to store our persistent variables. */

/* initialize the SESSION variable if necessary */
if (! isset($SESSION)) {
$SESSION = array();