I am interested in getting somebody to code a bittorrent search engine site. I am not looking for something that is crappily coded, but a good high quality coded site that I can continue to come back to you and have you make additions to it. (Some free, some paid depending on size).

I have no idea what a job like this goes for, but am willing to work on some type of an agreement. If you want to see some of the features I am interested in you can easily type in "bittorrent search" into Google.

One requirement is that I own the code, or a price difference needs to be set on if I own the code or not.

If you’re interested please email me at gutspiller@1337g4m3r.com with what you are willing to do and for how much and how much for additions. Links to previous work would be great so I know you’ve got skills.

Thank you.