I am writing a php script that has fairly simple inputs up to this point. I am looking for three things to make this script complete.

1. Alexa rank php code. I have an Amazon Web Services subscription code - but parsing xml is not exactly my thing. It can read just the alexa rank, but i would like it to have 1 Month and 3 Months Values Appear.

2. PHP code that takes snapshots of websites like thumbshots.org and whois.sc. I need something that is automatic and that can be run on either linux or windows (preferably linux). It will take a picture of the website (without any type of browser), save the image to the server, and insert the location of that image into the database.

I have read through the posts here about capturing screenshots and I am want to get it.
Here is the link to what I have read

3. PHP code to tell if a certain domain name is in the yahoo/dmoz directory. Should be failrly straightforward.

4. How to tell if the server (i am querying) has ssl and if so, what is the ssl address.

Thanks for the hand in advance.