I've been working on a site for my employer for many months. My prior "web design skills" consisted mainly of personal home pages built back in the 90s, which were created with huge graphics, shiny, 3D buttons and bars that were such fun to create, and all held together in intricate tables When I volunteered to do our website and started researching, I realized I had SO MUCH to learn and I was lost in the mid-90s. I didn't have a clue.

My employer paid for an online course in CSS, purchased Style Master and Front Page 2003, and thought I'd have the site done in a matter of weeks. HA! The more I learn, the more I realize there is to know. I keep tweaking and tweaking and could keep at it forever and not be satisfied.

Meanwhile, I keep hearing "When will the website be ready?"

How do you know when it IS ready? Do you pros come to a point where you are totally satisfied with the site? Or are you left, even after your client has approved it, feeling there is so much more that you could do?

When the heck do you know when to quit?