This post just came to my attention:

"ok ok calm down please.

Firstly this is not designoutpost - we don't have the strict rules here because we don't have such tight rules when people sign up.

Now in this case I can see both sides of the story, as only you too have used the atom and FTI did use it first BUT no one has copyright on the atom symbol here - that logo/symbol is well known therefore in this case I don't see an issue.

If you had created something from scratch that was your orginal then maybe but an atom is an atom and I coudl find images like that throughout.

The fact that the contest holder speiffically said she likes the atom then yes other people will try that out - because they want to win.

Sitepoint contest at present is more about fun, we do try to reduce the amount of copying etc but in this case I don't see it as a big deal - sorry.

Anyway please do what Sara says - you are both in the final 5 - and honestly I wonder if the discussions between you both have lessened your chances of winning - they certainly would in a contest by me.

In future contact me first and keep mud slinging out of threads - that gets you banned - regardless.

Thank you

Oh further discussions off topic will be removed and members talked too maybe with further action."
Maybe as a non designer you don't see a problem, but designers spend time coming up with concepts. I have seen contests held by you Sarah where you made designers collaborate in order to get the money, I frankly thought the final design sucked but you seemed happy with it. But to promote SitePoint as less than DesignOutpost is an outrage. Maybe that's how you think of the designers here, and many do go along with your collaborative spirit. The contest holder didn't know they like the atom symbol until one designer submitted a sample with an atom, should that open it as free for all, every one do an atom design. I would think you would want SitePoint to be a step above a high school free for all.