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So the RequestMapper delegates to a Dispatcher and the Dispatcher delegates to a Command? Why this extra level of indirection, when you need to go to the Command in the first place?

Why not have something like a CommandMapper which delegates directly to a Command? In the 'To hopefully clear up some confusion' there is a perfect example of a FrontController that dispatches to a Command object. What is wrong with that?

I believe that we have a few too many 'levels' to our design, because people have different ideas of what the concepts mean.
Nothing wrong with that, and most frameworks have integrated mappers so they work as you say. However I have supported kyberfabrikken's separated mapper from the beginning (even though my own FC does it Captain Proton's way) because it the only way to allow the Front Controller to support multiple mapping styles (and there are many). I know the flexiblity we built into the Front Controller can confuse, but the goal is to support a style spectrum from cadmiumgreen's original post to WACT/Mojavi/Rails styles. I have actually enjoyed the fact that this Front Controller implementation is different (and I now think better) from my own and has stretched my brain a little.