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By discussing even the smallest nuts and bolts along the way, we allow ourselves to learn from each other. And even people who aren't directly contributing seem to enjoy following the thread from the side.
Most certainly we are!

Skeleton 2.5 is looking pretty swell already. However, in the case of Intercepting Filters, couldn't we do something like this instead:
PHP Code:
$controller = new FrontController(new ActionMapper);
$controller->addFilter(new KilroyFilter); 
It seems to me that it would be possible to construct a CoR like this, but with more clarity in the API. Is your solution partly from reluctance to introducing an addFilter method in the FC? Perhaps you could wrap the FC in a FilterManager, as I've seen done somewhere on these forums.

Pardon me if you've been through this already. I did browse the thread through but can't remember everything, being human and all. Just my 2 cents.