The forums seem to be at max capacity again, as every few reloads gives a database connection error.

Idea to help pay for more servers: Sticky posts at the top of forums.

Offer one sticky post per forum, 3-5 per marketplace forum. Sell them on an auction basis; up until 5 days before the start of the month, you can place bids on getting your post stickied. The highest bidder then has 5 days to pay and submit their post.

The auction format keeps the costs high enough to generate revenue for SitePoint and keep the average MLMer from trying to buy a post. However, it'll still end up cheaper than sponsoring a forum as the position is less prominent and requires clicking a post to reach the ad. The size and quality of this community will attract advertisers and the lower cost and time investment compared to a normal sponsorship will encourage advertisers with lower budgets to purchase as well.