I am creating a website for a local tv show and I'm having some problems. My specialty is backend (MySQL & PHP) and I'm having some trouble with the HTML. The left and right columns of the site are set to 100% so that they will always be the same length as the main content section, but in Firefox it doesn't always display correctly. Most of the time the columns come up short, but they fix themselves when I refresh the page. This does NOT happen in IE. What's the deal? I have ended up putting height=100% in everyone imaginable in order to fix the problem, but it still happens. I should have just stuck to programming the backend of the site and let someone else do the frontend. Here's the link to my server where I am developing the site. http://www.mobilebayconsulting.com The sub pages have more columns than the index page, so you might want to look there. PLEASE HELP!!!