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    what to include in a site


    for about 8 to 10 months i have been doing reviews, some time off for personal items, but one question that keeps rolling through my head is what pages to include (exclude) for various categories . this comes up every time i review a church page. (i am not particularly religious). but like all of you, i would like the site complete.

    cover, history, greeting from pastor, daily thought, sunday sermon, activities calendar, who is new, births, deaths, around the neighborhood.

    I am posting here since many members visit that may not make it to ' design, or ' reviews.

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    Good idea, edshuck!

    I personally wish that more sites offering products/services would publish their prices, or at least an easier way to find out what they charge without jumping through hoops. It makes me think that a business is either "shady" or more expensive than it has to be when they dont put their prices in an easily-accessible place.

    I can't begin to count how many websites I've started to order from and then backed off because they won't give me a complete price up front. Once you get to the order form, you find that they've tacked on all these "additions"!


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