Aloha to all Sitepoint'ers,

I never checked up on what one needs to do to be able to call himself a writer, so for now I will not call myself one as that would be as a false accusation

Anyway, I love writing. Its one of the passions i've developed and it lets me develop my english further since I don't live in an english speaking country.

I need/want/desire someone to edit my writings, someone to teach me something new, someone to tell me what to do and what not to do, and to follow up on me. I basically need a teacher/mentor. I also need someone to actually give me writing assignments because as I know myself thats the only way to get me to really write a piece unless I have a flux of emotions that I need to get out.

If anyone needs an example of my writing I will post a URL here to an article I once wrote about life, my manifesto on it. (This is in Word 2000, if you have a problem viewing it, use the TXT version or contact me). (This is a text file, not really formatted but readable).

All my contact details are in my profile, EMAIL/ICQ/AIM preffered, PM is fine as well.

Thank you for your time.