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    CAn Anyone tell me a Possible solution for this issue?.


    I have a secure area for my Website. Its a folder in web server( for example

    ""). INorder to View the folder user must register with

    the site. When a user register a new entry is made to ".htpasswd" file in the secure folder

    and the username and password is mailed to user.

    Here the tough part come. I charge Some amount for registration. Normally what users do is

    one will register and pass the username and password to others and they can also access the

    secure area. I want to prevent this

    So I thought about two options

    1. Cookie
    2. IP address tracking.

    We cannot replay on cookie because , it can be get deleted at any time. The second is IP

    address and its also cannot be relayed as most of the users don't have a static IP

    CAn Anyone tell me a Possible solution for this issue?.

    Thanks in Advance ,


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    i'm not sure that there is a good way of dealing with that. If you bind the user to a specific ip, that would be wrong since they may have a dynamic ip or they may user there computer in different places (such as a laptop). You could probably make sure that a user has only one login.. That is a bit difficult to do as well as i begin thinking about what that entails. If you are using a database you could set a value for 1 when then user gets logged in, but you'd have to keep track of users who were are logged in/not logged in by using some kind of chronjob to check users last access time..
    If you are not using a database i have no idea how to check that though.. That may detract users from giving there passwords away though because then they won't be able to login when they want to.


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