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    Originally posted by mmj
    In many ways, American English is simpler to learn, because they have kept the former spellings of many words. In some cases, though, the Americans have changed words to make them even less like the French language, such as "check".
    Definately so....well, according to the all the French students I've spoken to. I took part in an exchange when I was 14 - had French girl stay with us and go to school for a week, then I went to France and spent a week in a French school. All the students said they found it much easier to understand English when spoken by an American - they said that we (the English) spoke far too quickly. I guess we do, but as we understand it we don't notice.

    Having said that, the French speak pretty damn quick themselves. My sister-in-law's family are coming over at the weekend as the two youngest daughters are taking their first communion (my brother married the sister of the girl I was partnered with on the exchange!). Anyway, none of Nadine's family speak English, so I have to make the effort to speak French, and keeping up with the conversation is an absolute nightmare! I no sum ov our spellings mite be a little rong ( ) at times, but at least we don't mess around with our verb endings so much - damn, I always get 'em wrong!
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    I think the Americans tend to speak a little bit more slowly, a little bit more loudly, and they tend to pronounce the consonants better. The English have been speaking the language for so long that they seem to tend to leave some parts of the words out. But even as I say this, there are so many different dialects and each one is quite unique.

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