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    Frames: border color

    I use Dreamweaver 4 and they have a very easy way of insterting a frame. I want to have one for a top navigation area so that it's always on screen.

    When DW makes a frame, it has an ugly, noticable grey "3D" dividing line. I've seen pages with frames where the dividing line is flat and a color.

    How do I do this?

    Actually, I think I figured it out. In the properties section I added a border with the b/g color.

    But another question. How do I save the frame for use on other pages?
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    What you need to do is create a frames page as your index page (ie: index.html or default.html), so that when the server directs the user to your url, this is the first page called.

    The frames themselves DON'T have content. You create your pages in the normal way, including the one with your nav bar, and tell the frames page to load these pages into the frames.

    This is something I can do much better than I can explain, so try looking here....

    I'm sure there are other tutorials out there, too.
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