I have the style of all hyperlinks in my site defined in a css sheet, which, for the most part, work fine, but there are a few links here and there that don't respond the way they should. In fact, they don't respond at all.

The main link colour is green, the active link colour is silver and the visited link colour is again green, but some of the links stay green even when they're clicked on!

If it was all the links on certain pages or all the links set within tables, I could understand it, but that's not it. There's one on the home page, 3 or 4 on the links page and all the pro-photographers names in the pro-shots gallery - I thought this was something to do with them being in a table, but there's a link on the home-page in a table cell and that works fine.

I want to add a 'hover' style too, so that all the links underline on mouse-over, but there's no point until I can work out why some of them aren't responding.

Anyone got any ideas? If you want to check my code, it's the Postfive Website in my signature. Thanks.