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    Is anyway can check this email is really exist.

    I use regular expression to check that email that user fill in text form must in format XXX@XXX.XXX so user must type email in this format. but if he type abcdef@abcdef.abcdef it still also accept. Is anyway can check this
    abcdef@abcdef.abcdef is really exist

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    The only way possible to do it is to send that address an email and then make a script that periodically checks your email inbox for a mailer daemon return address.

    This method isn't completely foolproof however.

    1. If the domain is fake the message will just get lost in cyberspace

    2. All mail clients have different daemon responses so it'd be quite the script that could parse and check all the responses

    3. If the email address does exist it doesn't mean it belongs to the person. You could still sign up with and no one would be the wiser.

    In fact the only way to ensure that the person signing up is providing a valid email address is to make them do it with a password or confirmation reply. In other words send them a confirmation letter with a keycode in the subject line that they have to reply to. Or send them their password or an activation code in an email when they sign up.
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