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    Google and Yahoo! not standardized?

    I was looking at Yahoo! and Google, and found that neither adhere to the W3C DTD's. Yahoo! at least has a DTD present, but is not valid code. Google does not even have a DTD present!

    Why would this be? Is it to make their sites accessible to all browsers and other software programs possible? You'd think they'd do a server check first, finding out the user agent info, then sending them to a corresponding, valid code, page. I don't know, just seems odd that the two powerhouses on the web don't adhere to W3C guidelines...

    On a side note, I also noticed that Google uses unclean code - having crunched up code with little or no whitespace. This is most likely due to cut down bandwith from all the traffic they receive, I presume.
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    I think this has been discussed here before.


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