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    Question Looking for info on building inbound niche links

    Hi peeps,

    Have just spent the last four months building a niche site offering rental of luxury villas, apartments and bungalows in Mauritius.

    Have built an automated and fully functional affiliate programme.

    Just having trouble finding enough other 'quality travel sites' to take us up on the affiliation offer now.

    Any ideas on where I could get other travel sites interested on becoming affiliates of ours, would be deeply grateful!


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    Well, you could always join an affiliate network like CJ, but only if you are willing to invest substantial money ($xxxx+) in getting your affiliate program off the ground.

    If you don't want to join a network, there is always the option of using PPC advertising with programs like Adwords and Overture. You could bid on terms link "travel affiliate".

    Another thing you might want to do is join a few travel industry related forums, and start participating in the discussion. This is a great way to learn more about the industry, and network with potential affiliates.
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