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Thread: ms word In ASP

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    Exclamation ms word In ASP

    how can i create and save a word document on a server (each time a new word doc for a perticular category from a database) and then later be able to edit it as well as seperately (if need be) rename it....
    after all this is done...
    how can i give a link to the file depending on it's name..
    example....if i create the following files with names starting with their respective category and then after an underscore follows with the actual can i display it category wise!!

    file: Paint Shop_102dder1.doc
    file: paint shop_102dder2.doc
    file: Foundry_134aser1.doc
    file: Foundry_134aser2.doc
    file: Foundry_134aser3.doc

    display like this on a page to enable browsing of the files:

    category : Paint Shop

    Paint Shop_102dder1.doc
    Paint Shop_102dder2.doc

    category : Foundry
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    I found the best way was to use wordpad. Outputting a wordpad document is quite simple, and looks the same in word. create a document in wordpad then read it in notepad and you'll be able to work out how to use the rich text formatting
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