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you can see the SQL statement I am using, and the results listed below that.

NOW, I have gotten the bad rows of mis-represented clients to go away (ie i got the clients.cid column to match with the wos.cidref column) HOWEVER, I only want the listings that contain the LATEST employee reference.

In the statusLog table there are several columns, jobid, name, and date. The "date" field is a timestamp from MySQL. in the form of 12 characters...uhm...year-month-day-hour-minute-second i think. Anywho -

I want only the results with the MOST RECENT entry from the statusLog table. How do I do that?

Also, how do i still list the rows that don't have any entries in the statusLog table? Because as far as I know, if I put in a "WHERE statusLog.jobid = wos.jobid" i'll end up getting rid of all the jobs that don't have any entried in the statusLog table. How can I get around that?

Thanks mucho!