Let me begin with saying this is not spam, check the website at the bottom, this is my team and we need help financially.

I'm posting here to see if anyone is interested in helping me and my teammates out. Anyone who runs an extremely large community website, forum, or even a large based company we need help. My team is competing in the #2 tournament in the USA this summer, the San Diego Surf Cup. In the past 5 months we have established a professional looking website, as well as several promotion advertisements, ranging from posters, to business cards to online advertisements. Since February, with our efforts, we have raised a measly $900. This is not much compared to the high costs of the upcoming trip.

For the past month I have been talking to a guy via MSN Messenger who said he was going to advertise our website at a large soccer event in Europe today, which was being televised on ESN2. Not only did he tell me that we would raise a lot of money, but that it would have a lot of people wanting to sponsor us. Well, he didn't advertise anything, and our website was not flooded with visitors. I also recently came into contact with a guy running another large forum, (thegaffer.com) and he was interested in helping us out. He has friends that work at Sega and Code masters and he emailed them a proposal of the cost that we need to raise, and the two companies rejected, saying that "it is far too sudden to think about sponsoring a team."

Now I've here asking for help. We need a company or comapnies to sponsor the team, and we will put your logos allover our gear, or we need just donations to help us get there. I'm not trying to beg, but I am the team captain, I created, run, and maintain our team website, and I got everyoneís hopes up about the possible sponsorship and advertisement possibilities that we were turned down on. Some families are able to pay there way to get to the tournament, but there are the other seven or eight team players that cannot afford to go and therefore we have no team to participate with.

Please let me know if you can help out our team. Just to put this out in the open, you would be helping out sixteen team players, and two coaches, thatís all we are trying to raise money for; if the parents want to come they pay their own way. You can check out our website here: www.scpremier15.com

You can contact me at:


Thanks and take care.

-Giancarlo Massaro