I just blogged about this but thought I would come and share it here.

Danny Sullivan from SearchEngineWatch has just published a blog with links to power packed articles that offer both retailers and affiliates some important insight about tapping into the future growth of online shopping. The Clickz article has some good observations and informative graphs and the Forrester/Shop.org press release about the study goes into detail. Here are some important stats I pulled out, but savvy marketers will want to be sure to read all the articles in detail.

GROWTH - Online retailers saw a 24 percent increase in sales in 2004 outpacing traditional retail, which saw an increase of only seven percent.

SEARCH - "Online retailers more than doubled their search ads spend from 2003 to 2004 Retailers also reported that search traffic made up a giant 43 percent of traffic to their web sites."

MARKETS "Online retailers who sell products that are purchased by women are in a favorable position this year, as we expect those categories to grow substantially. In addition, several categories are expected to receive at least ten percent of their sector's sales from the Internet this year, including: computer hardware and software (48%), tickets (28%), travel (26%), books (20%), consumer electronics (13%), cosmetics and fragrances (12%), toys and video games (12%), and flowers, cards, and gifts (10%). "

There is a gold mine of valuable info about online sales growth and future trends in these articles. Read the rest here: http://blog.searchenginewatch.com/blog/050525-103607