I am drafting a database for a site on online simulation races. There, various championships from various simulations can manage their championships. So itīs getting rather complex, and Kevin Yankīs article on a database driven site was already a great help

I have one problem that remains unsolved. The different championships have different points systems. E.g. series one gives 15pts. to the winner, 12 to the second, 10 to the third, and then 9-8-.... up to the 12th. Others have a system like 9-6-4-..., or 20-15-12..... Well you got it.
Also different from championship to championship are the criteria to be classified and thus to get points (dependant on the no. of laps run, or the time on track).
And some series give extra points for fastest qualification time and fastest race time.

I would like to do the following: If an admin of a racing series registers his series, he should be able to get all results and standings automatically via scripts. But this means also that in some way he must be able to to select a points system for his series.

I donīt know if this is possible with tables in the database, or if one would need to define a matrix. Until now (for two leagues, http://www.MastersofGPL.org) I have done this via update scripts (php) that updated the tables once a new race result was declared official. But this doesnīt seem to me the most elegant way

Database will be postgresql, preferred script languages php (I donīt know much about Perl)

I hope I was clear enough to understand the problem

Christoph Schirmer