I've had to unsub from the newsletters at work, as I am switching state government agencies effective Monday and will be getting a new email address at the new place. I went through the unsubscribe links on copies of each of the newsletters that I had saved, and thought that took care of it. However, yesterday I still got the Tribune!

I went to the Tribune newsletter online this morning to see if I could unsub from there, and down toward the bottom right corner of the web page, I see the following:

You are currently subscribed as $subst('Recip.EmailAddr') to the HTML edition of the Tribune.
$subst('Recip.EmailAddr') is exactly what gets put in the "To" field of the Outlook Express email that opens up. That isn't going to cut it.

By the time I read anyone's reply, it will be too late for me to try myself to unsub the old addy, but I just wanted someone to know about the problems I experienced with this.