I am the webmaster of Air23.com, one of the top, if not the #1 source for Michael Jordan Memorablilia. (some of you may remember this site being up for sale about 6 months ago) The owner has decided to further develop the site. I have included a link directory/topsites list for other memorablila sellers to add their sites. Additionally, I have incorporated a new design and some other great features on the website. We are #1 on a lot of search engines for 'michael jordan memorabilia' and have a huge listing on ebay as well.

Right now the site is at a PR4. I would like to get this up a bit, but without hurting the company's sales itself. I was considering offering other memorabilia items from some major memorabilia dealers that offer commissions on their sales. Do you guys think this would hurt our help our sales? Any other suggestions on how to increase our awareness/pr level? I was considering google ads, but we are already listed in google as the second entry for 'michael jordan memorabilia.'

Please share your thoughts! I am really interested in your ideas!

Thanks a lot,
-Ty Bartholomew