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    Need some beta testers for IBL monitoring system

    Hi guys,

    I need some help testing a robost online IBL monitoring system that's due for release in the next week or so.

    Here's what I require from beta testers:

    -Interest in managing your inbound links from a robost, automated online service (detects nearly every type of link fraud)

    -Must know the ropes of how link checkers and inbound links work, basic HTML, etc. You don't need programming expertise, but I don't want to have to explain what an <a href=""> tag is. Get my drift?

    -Mature professionals who currently manage a considerable number of inbound links, 100+ would be excellent.

    -Preferrably already have your inbound links organized somehow. If you've got a large number of inbound links that can be dumped to a delimited text file (for instance on a spreadsheet program like MS Excel), I should be able to import your data automatically.

    Here's what active beta testers will get:

    -Free developer account upgrade (permanent)

    -First crack at referrals to a brand new program

    -Direct line to me for input on the good, bad, and ugly while I'm still actively developing features for the 1st release version.

    -When support positions become necessary, active beta testers will have first chance at those positions (assuming you're suited for the position).

    -Helpful beta testers will be invited to test future versions of the service and other services I may develop in the future

    Interested persons may contact me via PM, must include the following info:

    -Your primary email address
    -The number of inbound links you currently manage
    -How you currently manage those links
    -If you have a focus area, what is it? (marketing, advertising, SEO, design, etc).

    I'm looking for a range of professionals. Offer good until positions are filled, so if you're interested don't wait. This offer has been posted on a few of the forums I follow.

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    I would be interested to check it out. I myself have made many tools for such tasks and would be able to help diagnose bugs. I also currently manage a massive amount of links across many sites.

    send info to mail @ onseo dot com

    I want to BUY Google API Keys (Soap).
    PM me if you got one to sell.


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