Hi there,

I got a simple upload photo thingie working. I have set it up, like

- 1 user set the amount of photos he wants to upload
- 2 with
$num = $_REQUEST['numOfPhotos'];
for($counter=0;$counter<$num;$counter++) {?>
<input name="file[]" type="file" maxlength="255">
	 <?php }?>
I show the appriopiate amount of input fields
-3 than I call a upload script
$uploaded_file = $HTTP_POST_FILES['file'];
$numFiles = count($HTTP_POST_FILES['file']);
echo $numFiles;//test purpose
while( $counter <= $numFiles )
if($uploaded_file['size'][$counter] > 0)
if(!array_key_exists($uploaded_file['type'][$counter], $known_photo_types))
here all the check, insert upload ......
this all works for a maximum of 6 photos, if I want to upload say 9 the last 3 aren't being uploaded.

Any idea how come?