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Thread: Google Reload?

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    Google Reload?

    I was looking through my webalizer stats today and came across this in the user agents section.

    Google! Reload ( Beta, may have some Err

    Has anyone seen this before?
    I went to the site and found this at the bottom.

    Google! Reload is not endorsed or affiliated or even sponsored by Google in any manner.
    Google is a Search Engine and Advertising Company, a trademark of Google Inc.

    It looks as if someone has invested at least a little bit of time and money in this but I don't see how Google won't take them down....quickly. Appears to be many obvious infringements a statement at the bottom of a page can't take care of.

    There are a lot of sites that use the google API and are basically mirrors which Google seems to be fine with. But a site using thier likeness in this way AND sending a bot out to crawl pages seems suspect to me.
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