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    New Site - Few questions

    A couple of quick questions about a site I just finished building. Well, okay not finished, but got it to a point where I'll launch it - I'll probably never finish it

    Anyways, the site is
    I was using this domain for another site a while back, but it really wasn't doing anything and I hadn't spend any time on it for quite a while. Anyways, I came up with the idea of building a tool that would check several things regarding a site and report back with suggestions. There's just a few things it does right now, including checking DNS records, DMOZ listing, HTML validity. I was going to list google backlinks and maybe PR, but doing something like that with an automated tool is against Google's terms of service.

    Anyways, back to my questions. First, the ads I'm seeing from Google are not the ones I would expect or want. I would think I would get SEO type ads. Are others seeing ads for Scanners, Virus Scans, OCR stuff (etc) or is it just me. Is this a result of the previous website, and with time, I'll see the correct ads?

    Also, can anyone think of other things they'd like to see in here. I've thought about scanning the front page of the requested site for things like keywords, but that's going to take a some real thinking.

    Oh, one other thing. I read somewhere that you could lose PR if your nameservers were among a group of "blacklisted" name servers. Does anyone know where I could get my hands on this list? That would be something nice (and easy) to add in.

    Any thoughts overall are also appreciated.
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    I think there are already many tools that check backlinks and pr.
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