I've been learning from Mr. Yank's instructions on http://www.webmasterbase.com/article.php/228/19 and I got stuck on "Your first php script" a few pages later (http://www.webmasterbase.com/article.php/228/132). I typed this code:

<TITLE>Today's Date</TITLE><
<P>Today's Date (according to this Web server) is<?php
echo( date("l, F dS Y.") );

in notepad and saved it as today.php. Then I proceed to open it in netscape except nothing would open! Netscape gives me this box telling me that it is opening today.php with NETSCAPE.EXE then it asks me if I want to open this file or save it to disk at which point I would pick "open it" and then another box like this one would pop up, only that the file in question is no longer today.php, but a seemingly random php file with a name like V1I02OIT.php. And this goes on like some infinite recursion.

Please help!

Your humble newbie