I am a fledgling web designer who stumbles through a few projects a year to make a little extra income for a nice vacation - I enjoy it and I envy you "full timers" who earn your living doing it.

I have recently tried to change over to CSS and am stumbling through it with terrific help from this board. I recently revised the project I am currently working on, doing away with 'absolute' references CSS (done using Dreamweavers interface) and trying to do things the right way.

I was delighted this afternoon when I got the template page completely re-done and it looks great in IE - perfect, even validates at However, when I looked at the template with Firefox my #maincontent division is thrown to the left margin and is all out of place. Try as I might, I cannot determine why this is occuring and how to fix it.

Can I ask you kind experts once again for some guidance - your help has got me this far, including the 100% height footer placement that I am so proud of!

Thanks agian - Dave Zemens - Rochester, Michigan USA