Hi! I've been trying to get a table (of tabular data) to have a line after each row. My HTML has all the correct <tr> </tr> tags. And I've included this CSS:

.musicforsale tr {border-top: 1px solid #000000;}
(The table has a class of "musicforsale")

Now if I add color: #FFFFFF; to this CSS the data in the row will be white so my 'tr' CSS is being picked up by the table. Unfortunately it never displays the 'border-top' that I'm looking for, there are no horizontal lines at all (in IE + Firefox). So is it possible to have table-wide horizontal lines on a table styled with CSS?

As an aside, if I apply the 'border-top' tag to the 'td' instead I get a short line under each cell. (But not empty cells in IE).

Can anybody help?

John King..